Friday, 8 February 2013

Male Kissing Takes Off in UK Micropubs

Men kissing in pubs, whatever next!?

Micropubs are the most traditional and, some would say, conservative of British institutions – Strictly no mobile phones allowed, no food, no music,  and they only serve real ales straight from the barrel (no pumps). They don't serve lager! One of the best of these new establishments is 'The Just Reproach' in Deal, Kent. What came as a surprise to the locals there today, was the spectre of two men kissing each other.

To be clear, this was not an amorous act. One of the two was a Frenchman and the other an English author, writer of the travel / father-son psychology book 'Long Road, Hard Lessons'. But it still caused quite a stir. Fortunately landlord Mark Robson saw the funny side.

"It's not how you would expect to see two men greet each other in my pub, and to be honest I can't see it catching on as a Micropub tradition," he said. "Martyn Hillier, might have something to say about it if it happened in his place!"

Martyn Hillier is the infamous landlord of The Butcher's Arms in nearby Herne village. He opened the first ever Micropub a number of years ago (2005 I think). He's quite a character and is known as something of a determined traditionalist.

Needless to say the beer and the atmosphere in the above mentioned establishments is first rate. Check out the websites:

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