Monday, 16 July 2012

Check out your local Waterstone's

LONG ROAD, HARD LESSONS is now available in all Waterstone's shops (not just Canterbury).  Assuming you get out now and again and you don't just sit at your computer all day, please consider buying it from Waterstone's rather than Amazon. You also get to see, hold and smell before you buy!
ISBN: 9780957200203
3rd row down to left of 'English Garden.'

Amazon finally found the box of 30 books I sent them - delivered to their warehouse 3 weeks ago. Until I saw this pic of their UK warehouse, I was wondering why!
Now back in stock anyway.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sam's Cherished Bike Found

Sam got his bike back, thanks to massive media coverage. Bike theft seems to spark a lot of public interest.  Have a read:

Sam's Stolen Bike

Did you hear about Sam's cherished expedition bike being stolen?  Have a read of the Guardian article. It was only one of many in the media that spread around the world.

Book now out

Long Road, Hard Lessons is finally in print and available on e-readers.  Check it out on Amazon.  It is also available in Waterstone's bookshops (Canterbury only at present but others very soon).  Amazon keeps showing it as out of stock.  This is just early stock inventory glitches. If you order it, you can generally expect it to arrive within a few days.

Video from the trip (High Ranges of Travancore, Nr Munar, Kerala, South India).