Monday, 21 January 2013

Thank You India – Memories of Cycling in Paradise

Back in October 2008-9 my 18yr old son Sam and I reached India. It was an overwhelming experience. The busyness as we cycled along the potholed roads, the crazy traffic, the friendly people smiling at us from the roadsides, the smells of delicious food and the stunning views. We were immediately in love with it.  After three months of often strenuous cycling throughout the country, Sam and I were sad as we left Calcutta, heading for Thailand. Four years later we still think of those three glorious months. The people, the culture, the food, the countryside and the sheer variety that is India will never leave us.

I won't try to tell you here about all the wonderful things we experienced cycling through India. I'll leave that to the book. It took three chapters to do it justice! But in case any Indian readers look at this blog, I want to say a big thank-you and that we wish you and your wonderful country well.
N.B. There are many more India photos in the book & the e-book (see link on right), plus on the original travel blog:


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  2. Reading these chapters makes me want to go to India even more. The way you describe them really captures the essence of India - I could smell the smells and feel the road! It's such a wonderful way to see a country as you really are in the thick of it all.
    Lucy x