Saturday, 3 November 2012

Canterbury Author Outraged

Canterbury Author and adventurer, Mark Swain, was outraged to hear that patients of his dentist were blaming him for their valued surgeon giving up his practice to go off travelling.

Mark Swain, who wrote the book 'Long Road, Hard Lessons' about a 10,000-mile cycle trip with his son, from Ireland to Japan, says that a friend and fellow patient gave him the news that Paul Cokely of Bradley & Partners, was giving up work to go travelling after reading his book.

"OK, I know my dentist has read my book," says Mark, "and he was enthusiastic about it. But I hardly think that entitles people to blame me for him leaving. It will not have been his only influence. I'm as sorry to lose him as other patients are, but my advice to anyone considering an adventurous expedition, is not to put it off until you are too old. We are not good at work-life balance in this country. That's a serious threat to our health; even our very survival!"

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